Fri 04 Nov 2022 15:00 — 20:00

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DBNSW would like to invite you to a very exciting new event, the TRIBE CORPORATE BATTLE.

Taking place on Friday afternoon on 4th November at Bank St, Pyrmont, crews will battle it out in a dragon boat style tug of war.

What is TRIBE?

TRIBE is the ULTIMATE six v six reverse tug of war. Two opposing crews BATTLE on the water with each team aiming to force the opposition back into their DEN.

This is nothing like your traditional dragon boating, Tribe is fast, powerful, and exciting and we look forward to all corporates gathering their Tribe teams to reign SUPREME!

What can we look forward to on the day?

  • Up to 24 crews will battle in the group stage (3 rounds minimum) followed by knock-out finals to decide who is the CORPORTATE TRIBE CHAMPION!
  • Crews will be made up of a minimum of 6 paddlers with a maximum of 10 allowed for rest and rotation.
  • Maximum of 3 males in a boat when competiting
  • Racing will take place between 4:00 and 7:00 PM with post event food, drink and presentations.

How does TRIBE work?

  • No training prior to the event is necessary, but advised

  • Two crews of six face each other in a dragon boat with the two middle rows vacant
  •  Each crew will attempt to paddle the opposing team backwards into their 'DEN'
  • A crew is declared the winner of a bout once they have successfully passed all six of their crew beyond the centre marker
  • A typical round is made up of a best of three bouts
  • Bouts are time limited to a maximum of 60 seconds per battle. If no team has crossed the centre marker once time elapsed that bout is declared a draw
  • In the event of a draw after three bouts an additional elimination bout may be run to determine the round winner

Pricing & Entry

Entry per crew is $199.00 (incl. GST) ehich includes - REDUCED RATE DUE TO LOCATION CHANGE

  • Competition Entry for up to 10 people
  • On Site Entertainment - DJ Kombi & Co
  • Giant Lawn Games
  • Gourmet Food & Drinks for your Crew
  • Presentations - Trophies & Medals for our TRIBE Champions
  • Temporary Insurance Cover
  • Multiple Crews Welcome!


Register for the TRIBE CORPORATE BATTLE now by clicking the register button above.

Registration close Wednesday 2nd November 2022


If you have any questions on this event please contact Dylan at