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Expression of Interest for AusDBF Nominations and Governance Committee

The purpose of the Nominations and Governance Committee is to make recommendations to the Board through a transparent and independent process that provides effective renewal and succession planning for the Board.

The key objectives of the Nominations & Governance Committee are to: 

  • Consider the appropriate skills, experience, and diversity required of prospective AusDBF Board members to assist in the achievement of AusDBF's strategic plan
  • Identify potential areas of vulnerability in the experience, skill mix, diversity, and composition of the Board
  • Make recommendations to the AusDBF Board regarding skills sought for elected Directors and appointed Directors
  • Assist in the development of a position description is available for all Board roles
  • Review the AusDBF constitution to ensure that it remains contemporary
  • Assist in the development of the Oceania Federation 

Click here to download a copy of the Charter. Which can also be downloaded from the AusDBF website here -

Click here to download a copy of the EOI application by providing a brief overview of your experience and current participation in Dragon Boat.

EOI closes on Monday 03 June. No late EOIs will be accepted.

EOI for members to join Athletes Committee

AusDBF is seeking EOI's to fill two current vacancies on our Athlete's Committee (AC) formerly known as the Athletes Commission.

The primary function of the AC is to ensure the interest of all participants is considered in order to enhance, develop and promote the sport of dragon boat.

Protecting the rights and proividing value to the entire Australian paddling community from grassroots to high performance is foremost in our charter.

This is a volunteer position, we require active participants who wish to serve our diverse sporting community and share relevant feedback for the betterment of our sport.

Click here to download a copy of the Charter. Which can also be downloaded from the AusDBF website here -

Click here to download a copy of the EOI application by providing a brief overview of your experience and current participation in the dragon boat.

EOI closes on Thursday 30 June. No late EOIs will be accepted.

Stay Informed About the 2024-25 Auroras Campaign

As part of the 2024-25 Auroras campaign, AusDBF and the Auroras Leadership Team are committed to informing you about the exciting upcming activities. We invite your members to sign up to the Auroras mailing list for regular updates on the following.

1. Auroras updates: Stay informed about the campaign's progress, recent achievements and important milestones

2. High-Performance Development Program: We've developed a new program to help athletes prepare for selection for Germany. Learn how you can become part of this program

3. Asian Championships: Get updates on the preparations process and events related to the Asian Championship to be held in Hong Kong in October 2024

4. World Dragon Boat Racing Championships: Stay informed about the activities and timeline as we build the Auroras team to compete in Germany in July 2025

Click here to sign up for the Auroras mailing list

We look forward to sharing valuable information with you, ensuring that you remain engaged and informed throughout the Auroras journey.

EOI for Selection - 15th Asian Dragon Boat Championships

AusDBF is excited to announce that the 15th Asian Dragon Boat Championships, hosted by China CITIC Bank (International) and sanctioned by the Asian Dragon Boat Federation (ADBF), will take place in Hong Kong, China from 9th to 14th October 2024. Australia has been cordially invited to participate in this prestigious event.

Information can be found on the AusDSBF website 

Expression of Interest (EOI) Process: 
As part of the selection process, AusDBF invites you to submit an EOI for selection. Here's how it works:

  • EOI Submission: Athletes are required to submit their EOI, which includes strength and fitness benchmarking
  • Selection Camp Invitation: Shortlisted athletes will receive an invitation to the selection camp
  • Athlete acceptance to camp: Successful applicants will need to accept the invitation to camp
  • Selection camp attendance: Attendees will participate in rigorous training and assessments during camp
  • Athlete Outcomes: Performance during the camp will determine the final team
  • Acceptance of Offers: Successful athletes will receive official offers to be part of the team
  • Community Announcement: The chosen team members will be announced

Benchmark Submissions
To demonstrate competence, Athletes will need to submit the following:

1. Barbell bench press

2. Push-ups

3. Sit-ups

4. 2000m Concept 2 Rowing Erg V02 Max test 

Strength and Fitness Benchmarking 
For the Asian Championship submission, please click here for the benchmarking table 

Note: Sweeps and Drummers are not required to complete the 40-point benchmarking. However, they must demonstrate good health and fitness to sustain the team training and performance expectations throughout the program.

Points-based approach to selection 
Returning Auroras can ascertain points for selection consideration when submitting their EOI:

  • Competed in 2022 Asian Champs and 2023 WDBRC = 1 point
  • Competed in both 2019 & 2023 Auroras Asians and / or Worlds campaigns = 2 points
  • Competed in 2024 AusChamps with Club = 2 points
  • Competed in 2024 State v State Championships as part of AusChamps = 1 point

Points score: 

  • 4 points or more - EOI only plus indoor row erg submission
  • Less than 4 points - Standard EOI submission process (see benchmark details below

Note: Points only apply for athletes applying for the same role (i.e. paddler returning as a paddler). Previous sweeps and drummers applying as paddler will undertake the standard selection process.

Important Reminders
Benchmark Guidelines: Familiarise yourself with the benchmarking guidelines provided and execute the exercises as outlined in the document.
Pre-Selection Benchmarking: Complete your pre-selection benchmarking BEFORE filling out the EOI form.
Evidence uploaded: upon receipt of the EOI submission, athletes will receive an invitation to upload their benchmark evidence within 24 hours. Click here for the Benchmark submission instructions
Late submissions will not be accepted

Key dates for the Asian Championship 

  • EOI period: 27th April to 04th May 2024
  • Selection invitation: 09th May 2024
  • Athlete camp acceptance: 15th May 2024
  • Selection camp: 25th to 26th May 2024
  • Selection camp outcome: 31st May 2024
  • Selection acceptance: 06th June 2024
  • Team Announcement: 10th June 2024
  • Training camp date before Asian Championship: 4th to 7th October 2024
  • Asian Championship date: 8th to 13th October 2024

Note: Camp location will be provided to successful applicants via invitation 

EOI submission
Click on this link to complete your EOI submission:



REMINDER: Wearing PFDs + Distress Signal

This is a reminder: from 01st July it is mandatory for any person in a dragon boat not paddling MUST wear a PFD during training sessions (e.g. club, corporate, come & try etc) and regattas.

This includes all paddlers under the age of 18 (AusDBF events) as well as all paddlers who are unable to swim at least 50m or who are not water competent MUST wear a PFD when both training and competing. Where local regulations at a race site require water users to wear PFDs, all crew will wear them irrespective of their experience in the sport. In such cases it is the Event Organisers responsibility to notify crews whether the water operator provides PFDs and if NOT, it is the Crews Managers responsibility to ensure that the crew has sufficient of their own to cater for any conditions that they may encounter.

Refer to AusDBF Sweep Guidelines - Edition 13.3 - section 2.21 - page 13

and AusDBF Safety Handbook - Edition 3.3 - 3.4 - page 11

and National Dragon Boat Sweep classification levels - updated 20 October 2023

All documents are available on the AusDBF website

Should Clubs, notice individuals from other clubs in dragon boats (who are not paddling) NOT wearing a PFD, Clubs have the option to document the observation by submitting a report using the SAFE365 APP including date, time, location and photo and notifying the State Sweep Coordinator, who will follow up with the club in question.


What is the International Distress Signal?

Refer to AusDBF Rules of Racing (CR7.11) - In the event that a crew member is lost overboard or in need of urgent medical attention during a race that necessitates the use of the 'Distress Signal', the drummer must wave their hands over their head to attract attention. If the drummer has fallen overboard or is unable to wave their hands then one of the competitors in seat 1 must wave their hands to attract the attention of the rescue boat.

Information is also available in the Drummers Masters Class document.


Introducing: AusDBF Sporting Schools+Administration Coordinator

AusDBF is delighted to announce the appointment of our new Sporting Schools+Administration Coordinator - Kylie Archer.

'" 1year ago my daughter tried dragon boat with her high school (Danebank) and caught the dragon boat fever! With her obsession in the sport, my son has finally reached the age when he is eligible to join dragon boat as well. As a family we have fully embraced the sport and I am constantly surrounded by it. Nothing beats the atmosphere and excitement at a dragon boat regatta!"

"I would love to see many young people joining this incredible sport and experiencing the amazing community of dragon boat. I think the DRACADEMY is a great initiative and it needs to reach as many young people as possible across Australia, because I have seen first hand the positive impact this sport has on young people."

Kylie's background is a School teacher, Marketing Assistant and Copywriter, and whilst raising her children started her own blog 'Kidgredients'.

Introducing Paradragons

Paradragons is an exciting new division in dragon boating that expands the AusDBF Inclusion strategy to include paddlers who have an impairment. This new division includes athletes who have some form of physical, psychological, neurological, sensory, developmental, or intellectual impairment. There are over 100 paddlers across Australia currently participating in the sport who have some form of disability.

AusDBF Inclusion Strategy incorporates increasing awareness of persons with disability and encourages their participation in the sport across the country, from club level through the athlete's pathway to elite performance. AusDBF has appointed 3 disability ambassadors from ACT, WA and Queensland to contribute to the development of the sport and that it is sensitive to the needs of impaired athletes.

Recently appointed Tanya White, Head Coach of the Australian dragon team, the Auroras, has commenced the process to put together Australia’s first Paradragon squad as an integral part of our national team to compete in the next World Dragon Boat Championships in Germany in 2025. Tanya commented, “I am excited about the launch of the Paradragons division and bringing together a network of ambassadors and advisors to help make this happen”

AusDBF currently have a strategic partnership with Disability Sports Australia (DSA). This strategic collaboration falls under DSA's Sports Incubator program, designed to empower sporting organisations to enhance inclusive pathways for individuals with a disability. AusDBF Director IanGeary who has the portfolio of Diversity and Inclusion within the AusDBF, has been leading this initiative.

To further support AusDBF partnership with Disability Sport Australia, AusDBF has upgraded its website to include the UserWay accessibility widget which AusDBF hopes will provide a better user experience and remove barriers for participants with a disability to access online content

The inclusion of Paradragons into the national dragon boat team creates a pathway for impaired athletes to compete at the highest level in the sport.

For more information contact Director - Ian Gearey - Diversity & Inclusion or Director - Sylvia Wong - High Performance

EOI's now Open: for 2024-25 Auroras Head Team Manager, Divisional Coach, Divisional Team Manager

Following the announcement of the Auroras Head Coach, AusDBF is pleased to open the expression of Interest for:

  • Auroras Head Team
  • Divisional Coaches
  • Divisional Team Managers

The period of this appointment will commence from 20th March 2024 to 30th August 2025 and will cover the following championship campaigns:

  • 17th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships, 2025
  • 15th Asian Dragon Boat Racing Championship 2024 (Premier Divisional Manager only)
  • World Cup, 2024 (TBC) (Premier Divisional Manager only

Timeline for Head Team Manager:

  • Applications open - 16th February 2024
  • Applications close - 01st March 2024
  • Week beginning 04th March - Interview and selection process
  • Week beginning 11th March - Announcement of Head Team Manager

Timeline for Divisional Coaches and Team Managers:

  • Applications open - 16th February 2024
  • Applications close - 06th March 2024
  • Interview and selection process to follow
  • Week beginning 18th March - Announcement of Divisional Coaches and Team Managers



AusDBF requests Clubs to forward this opportunity to all your members and encourage them to apply.

Information is available on the AusDBF website

Queries, please contact the High Performance Director at:

Sylvia Wong

AusDBF High Performance Director

National Athlete Pathway (NAP) + National Uniform Branding Guidelines (NUBG)

National Uniform Branding Guidelines can be found on the AusDBF website.

AusDBF has recently received a number of enquiries from clubs who are in the process of updating their club uniforms. Please take the time to read through the document so you understand the permission process plus what logo's should be used where on uniforms (this is the important piece of information, due to the requirements from the Australian Sports Commission with regards to correct placement and usage of their logo).

AusDBF also encourages States to review the document for their State Team uniforms for 2025 and beyond. It is also an opportune time to review the correct usage of the AusDBF and State Member logo's in email signatures, and collateral (letter head, business cards and digital).

Thank you to Maggie Boyce for her work on the National Athlete Pathway and Lachlan Marginson for his work on the National Uniform Branding Guidelines.

Any questions please contact AusDBF via -

Announcement: New National Integrity Manager


AusDBF is delighted to confirm the appointment of Paul Williams to the role of National Integrity Manager, a joint position shared with Paddle Australia and Rowing Australia.

Paul has had a successful career as a legal practitioner for a number of years, having established and managed his own legal practice focused on commercial dispute resolutions. Paul has previously been involved in high performance sport as an athlete and continues to compete and coach at a community and club level.

AusDBF is committed to embedding and bringing to life the National Integrity Framework to ensure we safeguard the members, athletes and sport of dragon boat. Paul will be a valuable asset to the entire dragon boat community as we continue to build on the foundations laid across the past 18 months.

Paul can be contacted at or 0426 363 302

2024 AusChamps - Bulletin 2

Click here to download a copy of Bulletin 2. Click here to download the FAQ for Champion Lakes and 2024 AusChamps.

Bulletin 2 and all other information for 2024 AusChamps can be found on the AusDBF website here.

Clubs will be able to review the number of entries per distance, per day, per competition class. Any categories where there are fewer than 3 entries club will need to review their entry.

Important dates to note:

  • Booking for training session - opens 1 March
  • AusChamps merchandise now available for pre-order
  • States - submission for Jon Taylor - closes 11 March
  • Final entries will close on 17 March 2024
  • States - to confirm who their Flag bearer is by 17 March
  • Souvenir program - submissions for inclusion by 17 March

Any queries can be emailed to

Australian Youth Town Hall Meeting

2023 Australian Youth Town Hall Meeting

Event Link:

Microsoft Teams meeting

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 417 839 887 218

Passcode: 8rzuux


Saturday 8th April:

4:30pm (WA)

6:00pm (SA)

6:30pm (NSW/ACT/VIC/QLD)


  • Chair welcomes & introduces to committee members
  • Explanation as to the purpose of the meeting
  • Review the last Town Halls agenda
  • Discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions
  • Discuss what YRC has achieved since the last Town Hall
  • Describe committee initiatives, plans, and priorities
  • Dracademy
  • Youth Demonstration Race AusChamp 24U
  • Breakout rooms
  • Introductions (led by committee members then proceed to other individuals)
  • Indicate team & states/territories
  • What are your biggest challenges right now?
  • How is Youth retention in your club? And what steps have been made for this retention?
  • How has recruitment been?
  • What kind of activities have you been conducting?
  • What is something you believe your team does well, that other teams may benefit from?
  • What is something you would like to improve regarding your team management and/or coaching?
  • What did you struggle with most when you started in your role with your team? Did you learn any lessons the hard way you wish someone told you about?
  • What ideas do you have to help with engagement/recruitment?
  • How can AusDBF help?



IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships Bulletin #2

The Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand (RCAT) and IDBF are pleased to invite all national federation and IDBF members to compete in the 16th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships (WDBRC), which will be held at the Royal Thai Navy Rowing and Canoeing Training Centre (RCTC), Rayong - Pattaya, Thailand from 7– 13 August 2023.

  • Participating teams should plan to arrive between Tuesday 3 August to Sunday 6 August.
  • The Opening Ceremony will take place on Monday 7 August.
  • Competition will be held from Tuesday 8 August to Sunday 13 August.

Download Bulletin 2

  • Table of contents
    • Correction from Bulletin 1
    • Provisional Entries
    • Mixed Crew Requirements (CR2.1.3)
    • Standard and Small Boats (CR2.2.2)
    • Paradragons
    • Outline Program of Racing
    • Provisional Schedule
    • Key Dates
    • Visas
    • Accommodation and Meals
    • Transportation
    • Use of IDBF emblem on official national team race shirts
    • Anti-Doping
    • Contacts

Past Bulletins


EOI for AusDBF Marketing Director

The AusDBF Board is seeking to identify and select an Appointed Director with the expertise, skills and experience to drive a national approach to marketing the sport. Appointed Directors can hold office for a term of up to two years and can be appointed for two terms.

In recent times AusDBF has commissioned work associated with the development of a marketing plan. This has been considered by the Marketing Working Group which has membership from most, but not all, Member States and Territories and the AusDBF Board. At this stage there is not a clearly identified direction in place but a need to develop a marketing approach which recognises the realities facing Dragon Boat Associations. It is recognised there is a need for an agreed national plan aimed at marketing the sport to increase the membership base generally, but also to specifically focus attention where there is evidence of fluctuating membership in various age categories. Strategies might include best practice approaches currently or potentially taken by member associations and individual clubs to attract members and then retain them, as well as initiatives aimed at attracting individuals to specific age groups or categories.

The development of a nationally agreed Plan will need to be developed in conjunction with Members responsible for implementation.

The AusDBF Board has in place a Nominations Committee which will manage the process involved in receiving responses to this expression of interest, forwarding additional information, identifying appropriate people for

interview, and finally developing recommendations for the Board to consider in relation to the Appointed Director.

It is expected that this process should be completed by late April, 2023.


If you believe you have the right skills and experience in marketing and in working as a Director within a Board environment, please feel free to contact Adrian Stephens, Chair, AusDBF Nominations Committee on 0403 383021 or by email to to indicate interest in having an initial discussion. Please feel free to make this initial contact by Friday 16 March, 2023.

Following this arrangements will be made, if appropriate, for one of the Nominations Committee members to have a detailed discussion with you about the position and the challenge, prior to requesting you to forward a brief Expression of Interest, including a resume, to by Friday 30 March 2023.

EOIs will be treated in confidence by the Nominations Committee.

2023 Auroras Athletes Announced

Dear Members

Following the selection camps for each age division held in Canberra in January and February, AusDBF is delighted to announce the 2023 Auroras Team.

Click here to download the full team list

The list can also be viewed on the AusDBF website here - and here -

Congratulations to all the successful athletes. The team comprises of first time Australian representatives as well as seasoned Australian representatives, with all Member States being represented.

AusDBF looks forward to watching the team come together under the leadership of Dave Abel (Head Coach) and his team of Divisional Coaches who are ably supported by Emily Zitkevius (Head Team Manager) and her team Divisional Team Managers.

AusDBF encourages all Member States , Clubs and paddling friends to support these athlete in their goals for success at the 16th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Pattaya, Thailand.

AusDBF Board


AusChamps Bulletin #2

Bulletin 2 for the 2023 AusChamps has now been released. To view the bulletin CLICK HERE

Junior Auroras EOI

Dear Members and Coaches,

This email is to notify you all that the Australian Dragon Boat Federation (AusDBF) are currently seeking interest from Junior age competitors who are interested in joining the Junior Auroras National Dragon Boat Team, that will be competing at the 16th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Pattaya, Thailand during August 2023.

While the selection camp for this team has already taken place, the Junior Coaching and Management Team will be running a supplemental camp in Sydney on the 2nd April, with the aim to fill some vacancies that they currently have in some crews.

If you are an interested junior or have junior members that are interested within your club, please send through your expression of interest by contacting Caren Hugginson & Sarah Harrison (Junior Auroras Team Managers) at no later than Sunday 19th March. Please also do not hesitate to send any queries you may have through to them.

For more information about the Australian Auroras National Team and the upcoming competition in Thailand, please follow this link to the AUSDBF website:

Yours Sincerely,

2023 Aurora Juniors Management Team

Sarah Harrison / Caren Huggins - Team Manager

Michelle Arton / Jason Han - Coaches

EOI for Joey's at 2023 AusChamps


Register today to race with the Joeys in Albury/Wodonga at the 2023 Australian Championships. If you know any young paddlers, please spread the word!

The Joeys will be going ahead this year, but we would love to have some more juniors join us. So far we have young paddlers registered from WA, QLD, ACT, Victoria and NSW... this is what Joeys is all about!

At present, we have interest from enough young people to enter a mixed and an opens crew, but we still have space and would love to enter more crews if we can!

What is Joeys?

The Joeys were developed in 2016 and endorsed by AusDBF to encourage racing opportunities for our youngest athletes.

What do you need to join the Joeys?

* Current membership with a nationally recognised Australian Dragon Boat club.

* You must be 10 years of age and paddled the 2022-23 season as a Junior (you are 18 or under on December 31, 2023). The age for Juniors is outlined in the AusDBF Rules of Racing Ed. 7)

* Parental permission and willingness to pay the entry fee to participate.

* Club permission

Why join the Joeys?

* More opportunities to race at National level

* Meet like minded paddlers from around the country

* Meet and paddle with past and current Auroras

Note: Juniors racing with the Joeys can also race with their club crews. Club racing will be priority and we will work with paddlers and club coaches to enable this.

When will the Joeys race ?

The Joeys will be entering the Junior racing on Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th April 2023 if we have enough people who register to participate.

How much will it cost?

The Joeys participants will be invoiced by AusDBF according to the events entered.

The cost will be per paddler per event (opens, womens, mixed) entered. The cost will be $20 per event entered. So if you race all Joey's events across the 2 days it will be a max. of $120 which will be Opens/Womens, Mixed and the 2km for that day.

How do you join?

* Complete the RSVP form here

Deadline for initial RSVPs is 28th February 2023

We look forward to seeing all of our Junior paddlers out on the water together again this April.

Questions? If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us.

Contact: Mary Weaver via email


Happy Paddling!

The AusDBF Development Team

2023 AusChamps - Calling for Volunteers

DBV is looking for volunteers to help in various roles during 2023 AusChamps. If there are any paddlers, partners, freinds, childrens etc travelling to Wodonga who are willing and able to help either for specific days or all 5 days, please click on the link -

Roles looking to be filled are: volunteer area, food runners, medal preparation, parking attendants, boat loading, general volunteer, merchandise shop (Team Elite),

Volunteers will be provided with a complimentary AusChamps shirt, hat and water bottle. In addition to being feed and watered on the days volunteered. Note: volunteers are seperate to Race Officials, so if you have already submitted your EOI as a Race Official please don't reregister using this link.

Marilyn McClellan will be coordinating the volunteers and can be contacted on - Marilyn coordinated the volunteers back in 2017 when the AusChamps were in Wodonga, its great to have Marilyn back on board.

If you know of anyone who is willing to volunteer, encourge them to register via the link.


AusDBF General Update #17

AusDBF have released their latest member update keeping everyone up to date with what is happening at an AusDBF level.

Read the latest update for December here 

2023 AusChamps - Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 for the 2023 AusChamps has now been released. To view the bulletin CLICK HERE

EOI - 16th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships

Submit your  your expression of interest for the 16th World Dragon Boat Championships, to be held in Pattaya Thailand from 7 – 13 August, 2023.

The Auroras will be fielding crews across all divisions: 16 and Under, 18 and Under, 24 and Under, Premier, Senior A, Senior B and Senior C. 

To find out more and to express your interest Click Here

AusDBF Sporting Schools Cooridnator

After almost 12 months of perseverance and dedication by AusDBF Board Director Zijing Chu, AusDBF is thrilled to have the Sportign Schools program (focusing on year 7 and year 8) up and running. Term 4 2022 saw the inaugural introduction. Schools selections for term 1 2023 is about to close.

To provide administrtaive support to the DRACADEMY program AusDBF is delighted to announce the appointment of Cherry Harvey who will take on the role of Schools Coordinator. Cherry will be working 10 hours per week. Cherry can be contacted on

For further infomration about DRACADMY Click Here

AusDBF Sweep Classification Levels

Following extensive consultation and collaboration within the AusDBF Sweep Coordinator Group, AusDBF is pleased to release the updated Sweep Classification Level document. Click Here

AusDBF Annual Report

AusDBF is delighted to provide a copy of the 2021-2022 Annual Report . AusDBF thanks all the State Members for providing their State reports for inclusion which helps with providing an overview of what has occured over the last 12 months across Australia. Click here 


AusDBF General Update #17

AusDBF have released their latest member update keeping everyone up to date with what is happening at an AusDBF level.

Read the latest update for October here 

AusDBF Education Coorindator Position

AusDBF is advertising for a Sporting Schools Coordinator. The Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating and growing AusDBF's DRACADEMY product and guiding the growth and development of the sport from the grassroots level of Primary and Secondary Schools.

Click here to download a copy of the position description and how to apply. 

EOI for 2023 Auroras Divisional Coaches

AusDBF is advertising for the roles of Auroras Divisional Coaches for the 2023 Campaign. Click here to dowload a copy of the EOI. 

Check out the Auroras page on teh AusDBF website for more info

AusDBF General Update #16

AusDBF have released their latest member update keeping everyone up to date with what is happening at an AusDBF level.

Read the latest update for June here 

Dragon Boater Inducted into IDBF Hall of Fame

At a ceremony  in Sarasota, Florida, Jonathan Taylor was posthumously inducted into the inaugural International Dragon Boat Federation Hall of Fame. Read More

Results From the 13th IDBF CCWC

At the recent IDBF 13th Club Crew World Championship held in Sarasota, Florida, USA from the 19th – 24th July 2022. 3 Clubs from Australia competed – Gold Coast Dragons, KIN Dragons and Northern Beaches. There was close to 2000 athletes representing 65 clubs from 11 countries. Read More and Check out the Official Results here

Help the Auroras and get a Tax Deduction for doing so


The Premier Auroras Team is in the selection process and preparing for Asian Campaign in 2022.  This will be the first team to wear the Auroras uniform in over two years. Competing for your country is a great honour, but it requires a huge investment in time and financially. 

To lessen the individual costs, AusDBF for the first time will subsidise individual’s Uniform, Insurance and Entry fees for this campaign. We are asking if you can help too!

By clicking on the link below you will be taken to our Campaign Donations page managed by the Australian Sports Foundation and if done before the end of June you will get a tax deduction for it this financial year.

Donate Here


Auroras Annoucment - Premier Division Coach



AusDBF is very pleased to announce Cat Anderson has been appointed as the Auroras Premier Division Coach effective immediately.

Cat started her Dragon Boat journey in 2012 with Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club (Different Strokes) and has been a high-performance athlete at State and National Level. She became part of the Different Strokes coaching team in 2015 and played a part in the club’s two successful Club Crew Championships campaign (Adelaide and Hungary). Cat has recently been appointed as the NSW Senior A Division State Coach for the 2022 Australian Championship.

As an Aurora since 2015, Cat has represented Australia in Canada, China, and Thailand across three divisions as a sweep and paddler. Cat also attended an Indonesia regatta as a premier paddler while training for the Canada campaign.

A strong leader and well respected member of the Dragon Boat community, Cat has supported paddlers and sweeps to achieve their goals in their own paddling journeys and playing a part in the clubs’ success over the past few years.

Cat is looking forward to joining with the Aurora Coaching Team and is excited to start working with the Aurora athletes in the months ahead.


AusDBF Athletes Commission - EOI


The current term of office for members of the Athletes Commission has ended. Thanks to all Commission members for the great job they have done, particularly their work with the creation and production of Dragons Tale Forums

The Board of AusDBF is now looking for members for a new term of office 2022-2024. Past members are welcome to apply.

The purpose of the Athletes Commission is to represent the views of the AusDBF Athletes and ensure their voice is heard, to inform athletes about AusDBF activities and to work with AusDBF in its goal to develop and promote the sport of dragon boating.

Find out more here and how to apply here


Auroras Announcement - Premier Division Team Manager


AusDBF is pleased to announce the appointed of Emily Zitkevicius to be the Auroras Premier Division Team Manager.

Emily was first introduced to the sport of dragon boating when living in Japan in 2005, and has been hooked ever since. She has paddled in Victoria for a number of years representing both her club and state at National Championships, and has been the Team Manager for the Yarra River Dragons in Melbourne since 2015. In this role Emily has taken the team to a number of overseas regattas including Hong Kong, Singapore, and CCWC in Hungary where she won a bronze medal with the crew. In her spare time she is an Environmental Engineer, an amateur flamenco dancer and plays in a brass band. Emily is excited to join the Auroras crew for the 2022 campaign.

Please join us in welcoming Emily to her new role and wishing her best of luck on the appointment.

National Selection Panel - EOI


AusDBF is seeking an Expression of Interest from two Athlete Selection Panellist to be part of its National Selection (NSP). The objective is to provide independent recommendations to the Auroras Coaching Team for national crew selection across all divisions.

Find out more and how to apply here


Auroras 2022-23 Premier Division Coach - Expression of Interest

AusDBF is aiming to produce the most competitive and nationally representative Auroras Team across all age racing classes. Initially AusDBF is seeking expression of interest (EOI) for the role of Premier Division Coach for the upcoming 2022/23 Campaign.

Find out more and how to apply here 


Auroras 2022 - Expression of Interest - Premier Division

AusDBF are seeking expressio of interest (EOI) for the the November 2022 Hong Kong based Asian Championships.

This is an open age Premier event with 3 categories: Open, Women and Mixed.

Closing date for expression of interest is 3:00am Monday 21st March 2022  Auroras EOI 2022-2023 Survey (


AusDBF General Update #15

AusDBF have released their latest member update keeping everyone up to date with what is happening at an AusDBF level.

Read the latest update for February here cmbgbri5qvdb1xef.pdf (


AusDBF Nominations Committee - EOI

At our meeting on 29 January 2022, the AusDBF Board agreed to adopt the Charter for an AusDBF Nominations Committee.

The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to make recommendations to the Board through a transparent and independent process that provides effective renewal and succession planning for the Board.

The key objectives of the Nominations Committee are to:

  • Ensure the AusDBF Board has the appropriate skills, experience and diversity to assist in the achievment of the AusDBF's strategic plan
  • Identify potential areas of vulnerability in the experience, skill mix, diversity and composition of the Board
  • Make recommendations to the AusDBF regarding skills sought for elected Directors and appointed Directors
  • Manage a Skills Matrix of AusDBF Board members
  • Make recommendations regarding changes to the AusDBF Constitution
  • Ensure that a position description is available for all Board members


The Nomonations Committee will consist of three (3) members including a current Board Director and two (2) people who are independent of the AusDBF Board. It will report directly to the AusDBF Board.

If you would like to be considered for selection on the Nominations Committee, click here to complete the EOI form attached and return to by COB 25 March 2022.

Click here to read a copy of the Nominations Charter, which can also be found on the AusDBF website here -


It is important that you address each of the criteria named in the EOI form.

The final selection of members to the Nominations Committee will be made by the AusDBF Board and announced by 22 April 2022. The term of each appointment is for two (2) years, up to a maximum of three (3) terms unless approval has been granted by the AusDBF Board to extend the individual’s term.

If you would like more information on the Nominations Committee, please contact Philippa McLean


AusDBF 2022 AusChamps Bulletin #1

AusDBF have released bulletin #1 for the upcoming 2022 AusChamps in Adelaide with support from Dragon Boat South Australia.

Read the latest update here i7aawzcrihglrbz2.pdf (


AusChamps 2022 Vaccination Poilcy

AusDBF have released their vaccination poilcy for the 2022 AusChamps. If you are looking to attend please ensure you read the poilcy.

Read the AusChamps 2022 Vaccination Poilcy here zrl1ert2dlqqbhgz.pdf (


AusDBF AusChamps Refund 2020 & 2022

Since the cancellation of the 2020 AusChamps, the AusDBF Board has been considering ways to alleviate losses in future, if AusChamps has to be cancelled.

Read the latest memorandum here 063_AusChamps_refund_2020_2022.pdf (


Jon Taylor Award

In 2009, to honour Jon Taylor’s legacy, AusDBF created the Jon Taylor Award. The award is presented annually to a deserving member during AusChamps to acknowledge their contribution to our sport and celebrate this achievement.

Nominations close Friday 11 February and will be announced during the Australian Dragon Boat Championships.

Rread more here hlnmsitqv47uehmt.docx (


Women Leaders in Sport Grant

AusDBF has received a grant from SportAUS through the Women Leaders in Sport initiative and has received funding for 25 applicants to participate in a leadership course.

Nominations close Monday 28 February.

Rread more here Grants - Australian Dragon Boat Federation (


AusDBF General Update #14

AusDBF have released their latest member update keeping everyone up to date with what is happening at an AusDBF level.

Read the latest update for November here nvd2yhsgnlpaokv6.pdf (


AusDBF Annual Report - 2020-2021

Dear Members

AusDBF is delighted to provide a copy of their 2020-2021 Annual Report. AusDBF thanks all the State Members for providing their content as they provide a good overview of what has occurred over the last 12 months. The AusDBF Director and Committee reports provide valuable insight into what has kept AusDBF busy over the last 12 months.

Click on the link to download a copy of the report -

Any questions with regards to the Annual Report can be emailed to prior to the AGM

AusDBF Board



2022 AusChamps - Accommodation Offers

Dear Members

Please foward this email onto your clubs who may be considering participating at 2022 AusChamps in Adelaide and starting to think about accommodation possibilities.

Click here - for three accommodation offers from Discovery Parks - Adelaide Beachfront, West Beach Parks and Quest Port Adelaide

Click here - for Quest Port Adelaide fact sheet


Below is from Just Group Accommodation - Andrew Colebrook

Given the current travel uncertainty we are offering Obligation Free / No Deposit room blocks on a range of great accommodation options.

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