COVID-19 & Insurance Status

Published Thu 11 Jun 2020

We confirm that Australian Dragon Boat Federation Insurance policies are still current and active. There are no exclusions under the current policies if a covid plan is not produced.

Whilst there is not an exclusion on the Public Liability Insurance policy relating to COVID-19 directly, Australian Dragon Boat Federation and its members have a duty to exercise reasonable precautions to prevent personal injury and property damage and to comply with all statutory obligations, by-laws or regulations imposed by any public authority in respect of the safety of persons or property. If your Clubs did not comply with State Government regulations, for example by ignoring social distancing or self-isolation requirements then insurers may deny a claim on the argument that you breached this duty of care.

If an affiliated Club member innocently breached a government restriction we would hope that your insurers would be considerate however for the avoidance of doubt we would highly recommend members take every effort to follow all governmental guidelines enacted in accordance with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please be reminded that the Personal Accident insurance does not cover any type of illness, such as that which may arise from infection with COVID-19 (in the same way it would not cover the flu).