New Membership System Coming Soon

Published Thu 30 Mar 2023


Hello Clubs & Paddlers,

DBNSW is very excited to announce that from the 2023/24 season onwards (starting 1 July) we will be moving from a seasonal based membership system (1 Jul – 30 Jun) to a subscription or rolling based model.
What this means is when a paddler registers for membership with their club and DBNSW they will have a FULL 12 months of membership from the date of sign up. This is opposed to the current system where all memberships expiry 30 June regardless of registration date.
Going forward members will be sent automated reminders when their membership is about to expire and they will have the opportunity to renew for a further 12 months regardless of how far we are into a season.
For example, Sally registers during the 2023/24 season with DBNSW and her local club, Green Dragons, on 17th January 2024. Sally’s membership will continue into the new season (24/25) and expire 17th January 2025. Under the previous system Sally would have only had the benefit of membership for 6 months and would have expired on 30th June 2024.
New Way to Pay

Part of this system change will require a change to payment methods and from 1 July onwards all membership registrations must be paid via credit card only. This will make the administrative burden not only easier for DBNSW but for our clubs, registrars and treasurers as well!
As it is already, credit card (including debt credit card) payments do incur a small transaction fee (2% + $1.60) but this fee can be either passed on to the member at checkout or absorbed by the club depending on what the club chooses to do. DBNSW recommends clubs look to review their 23/24 fees with this in mind.
In order to process these payments, all clubs must have Pin Payment enabled within their platform.  DBNSW will contact those clubs who do not already have Pin Payments enabled with next steps, noting the documentation required to be presented.
While we aren’t able to share the new season fees just yet this model change does mean there will no longer be a need to offer discounted or pro rata membership fees throughout the season.
New Season and Rollover

While we are very excited for these changes and the benefits it will provide to members, the changeover for the upcoming 2023/24 will be much the same to how it has been in the past.
Registrations will be closed off a couple of weeks before 1 July in preparation for the change of system and to rollover RevSPORT. As usual season rollover details and instructions will be emailed to club registrars in June.
Dragon Pass Continues

DBNSW has been extremely pleased with the first full season of Dragon Pass. We’ve had over 500 paddlers utilise the Dragon Pass Scheme and nearly 30% of those have converted to full paid members.
The one-month trial scheme will continue for the 2023/24 season.
Current Rego Fees Discounted
Finally, a reminder that current fees will be reduced this Saturday (1 April) again for any paddler looking to sign up for the remainder of the season. This change in RevSPORT will be automatic and clubs do not need to do anything further.

  Current Fee Fee from 1 April
Adult Membership $60 $40
Young Adult Membership $50 $30
Junior Membership $39 $25

If you have any questions about the new subscription system or any questions on membership in general please get in touch with us.
Kind Regards,