Supporter Membership

DBNSW has recently introduced a new membership category, Supporter

A Supporter member is an individual that wishes to support Dragon Boats NSW and be a part of our dragon boating community without having to participate in any on water activities such as training and competing.

This membership type is well suited for officials, volunteers, family and friends who contribute to the sport but do not necessarily wish to be registered with a club.

Supporters will gain access to the majority of the above mentioned membership benefits excluding any allowance to paddle, sweep or drum in either a training or competition environment.

Whilst insurance does provide coverage for clubs and individuals including financial members, coaches, instructors, guides, corporate paddlers, temporary/trialing members, committee members, including voluntary workers, work experience students, please note Personal Accident Insurance is only available to full (financial) members of Dragon Boat NSW unless otherwise agreed for on water activity.

Please note by registering as a Supporter Member with Dragon Boats NSW you agree to the Terms & Conditions which can be found in full here.

If you have any questions regarding Supporter membership please do not hesitate to get in touch.