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Level 1 Trainee Sweeps Registration

This program has been designed for novice (unaccredited) sweeps to obtain Sweep accreditation.

Before registering as a Level 1 Trainee Sweep, you must complete and pass 

1) ANSAS Sweep Accreditation eLearning course @ https://ausdbfmoodle.com/moodle30/enrol/index.php?id=16

2) AusDBF Rules of Racing - Coaches & Sweeps @ https://ausdbfmoodle.com/moodle30/enrol/index.php?id=20

3) Cultivating Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for Dragon Boat Activities @ https://ausdbfmoodle.com/moodle30/course/view.php?id=18

All trainee Level 1 Sweeps must first register for this program with DBNSW and then may begin regular, supervised sweep training. Trainees are required to provide their details to DBNSW in advance or sweep assessment will not be considered.

To obtain Level 2 accreditation, a trainee sweep must:

  1. Have a current First Aid and CPR Certificate
  2. Have a current NSW Working with Children Check from Apply for a Working with Children Check | Service NSW
  3. Pass the water assessment

Your water assessment can be booked with your local sweep co-ordinator once you have completed and logged at least 20 Hours of On-The-Water practice after completing this registration and also completed the Competency Checklist on the AusDBF logbook.

To obtain Level 3 accreditation, Level 2 sweeps must then successfully sweep a sport crew in four races across at least two events. Successful completion of these races (on application) will result in the award of Level 3 sweep accreditation.

For more information on Sweeps Development please visit:

Sweep Development | Dragon Boats NSW (dbnsw.org.au)


ANSAS - AusDBF National Sweep Accreditation Scheme - Australian Dragon Boat Federation


Please Note...
- Trainee Sweeps will NOT be considered for testing without registering prior
- Once registered Trainee Sweeps are required to log 20 Hours of On-The-Water (OTW) steerer practice while supervised by a level 3 steerer
- The twenty (20) hours does not start until the Trainee has registered
- Hours must be recorded on the AusDBF Sweep Logbook

Further details can be found in the ANSAS - AusDBF National Sweep Accreditation Scheme - Australian Dragon Boat Federation